Rochester NY, 2019

West Coast Swing Lessons

Taught by Steve Ryan (National Advanced Level Dancer)
Class size limited to 20 dancers


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Here's are last sesson classes:
Class# Time Class Description
Class 1 6:30 – 7:20 pm

West Coast Swing From Scratch and Refresher (No experience necessary.) Topics: You'll lear the six basics as well as basic turning technique.

Class 2 7:20 – 8:10 pm. West Coast Swing Technique .(Must know the basics). Rolling step, posture, connection, stretching, creating space and critical timing
Class 3 8:10 – 9:00 pm. West Coast Swing Intermediate (One year of experience) Cool patterns, follower's footwook and musicality. You'll learn current trends in WCS.


Pre-registration for class $40 (by february 1, 2019) On-site registration $48, Walk-in $15

Class size is limited to 10 leaders and 10 followers.

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Mail to: Steve Ryan @ 2 Wyncrest Drive, E. Syracuse NY 13057. Make check out to: Steve Ryan

About Steve

Steven Ryan is a professional dancer who has been dancing for more than 25 years, and has won numerous dance competitions throughout that time in jazz, theatre arts, hustle &, west coast swing. He is an advanced level swing dancer on the international circuit. He has choreographed many swing dance routines that were performed by class members at local dances and at the Syracuse Symphony. He’s a firm believer in strong technique. He is also the founder of The Syracuse Swing Dance Society. He has been teaching swing for 17 years and stays current by attending and competing at National Events.

Recent accomplishment: Winning First Place in the Rising Star division at Swingin' New England. See the routine here.